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Teacher Training

NATECLA supports an active, innovative community of ESOL teacher trainers which is represented by the NATECLA Teacher Training Working Party.

The Teacher Training Working Party (TTWP):

  • supports and contributes to the development of ESOL teaching qualifications
  • brings teacher trainers together to share practice, resources and ideas
  • participates in national debate about teacher education and training

The working party meets face to face three times a year. 

To join the email group, attend the meetings or explore ways to contribute to its work please contact the Chair who will be pleased to hear from you: Mary Osmaston  mosmaston@uclan.ac.uk 

The TTWP also offers workshops and events at NATECLA conferences.

Useful websites:

Teacher training courses for the lifelong learning sector can be found on the NATECLA website or the talent website (www.talent.ac.uk/courses.asp).