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Training with Kathryn Aldridge-Morris

About Kathryn Aldridge-Morris

Kathryn Aldridge-Morris ESOL trainerKathryn is a freelance ELT author, editor and teacher trainer and co-chair of NATECLA's South West branch. 

She is an experienced ESOL teacher and Advanced Practitioner and has significant experience of delivering CPD when she was part of the Quality Assurance Team at an FE college. As a Project Coordinator for the British Council’s ESOL Nexus project, she ran materials development training workshops and teacher training sessions on digital literacy and lower level learners. 

She has published Student Books, Workbooks, Teacher’s Books, museum resources and online materials as well as ESOL-related articles for a wide range of publishers. Her book How to Write ESOL Materials was published in 2015 by ELT Teacher2Writer.

Kathryn is offering the following ELT training sessions for NATECLA Training - please contact us if you would like her to design a bespoke session for your group:


Introduction to ESOL: understanding the needs of ESOL learners

This workshop is intended as a visiting lecture for MA TESOL courses and for EFL providers wanting to widen provision for ESOL learners. It considers the differences between EFL and ESOL learner characteristics and teaching and learning contexts, and the implications this has for the classroom and materials design. 

Designing digital resources and online tasks – where do I start?

More and more of us are designing interactive, online tasks as part of our materials development. These can be online quizzes for college VLEs, interactive activities for learners to consolidate learning beyond the classroom, learning objects for commercial publishers, etc. Where do we start? What authoring tools are available? How can we apply the same rigour to the development of these materials, as we do to our paper-based classroom materials? This hands-on workshop will explore the range of task types that some authoring packages have to offer and consider how to exploit them to make pedagogically sound learning objects.

Designing tasks for ESOL in galleries and museums 

In this workshop we’ll think about the importance of informal learning opportunities outside the classroom and evaluate some existing resources. We’ll look at task design and materials development to support visits to local museums and art galleries and we’ll explore the different ways that museum objects can be used to stimulate discussion, learning and other outcomes.

Active listening skills for teachers

ESOL students often bring harrowing stories to the classroom or to tutorials. This workshop will consider the pastoral role of the teacher and ‘boundaries’; introduce you to the concept of ‘active listening skills’ and explore strategies with which we can listen more effectively to our learners in a way that will empower them, whilst keeping learners and ourselves ‘safe’. 

Happiness and well-being  in the ESOL  classroom

This workshop will explore ways of bringing more happiness into our ESOL classrooms and 
for giving our learners strategies for increasing their well-being and happiness. I’ll showcase classroom activities that will develop your learners’ speaking confidence, while they learn about how to take practical action to improve their well-being.


Embedding ESOL in mainstream courses

This workshop is intended for FE providers who have ESOL/ EAL students enrolled on mainstream vocational courses such as construction, hairdressing or childcare or academic courses such as GCSEs. How can you support your students to break down language barriers? This workshop will raise awareness of the issues faced by these students in the classroom and offer strategies for differentiating for ESOL/EAL students and for providing effective feedback. 

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