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Guest speakers

NATECLA is delighted to announce the following guest speakers for this year's event:

Silvana Richardson - Saturday 9:00 am to 10:00 am

Silvana RichardonMaking learning visible to ESOL learners and their teachers 

About the talk

One important area that has received increased attention recently is the need for teachers to ensure that what is being learnt and how well it is being learnt is clearly visible to both themselves and their learners, as this information is fundamental to determining the direction of subsequent teaching and learning. This talk will explore the importance of making learning visible and will present a range of practical strategies to get more and better evidence of learning that have been found to have very high effects on learning and that can be very beneficial to ESOL learners and teachers.

About Silvana

Silvana Richardson is Head of Teacher Development at Bell Educational Services, Academic Director at Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge, and Programme Quality Manager at the Bell Foundation. 

She has worked in English Language Teaching for 30 years as teacher and academic manager, and has trained ESOL, EAL, EFL, MFL, CLIL and subject teachers and trainers in the state and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. During her six years in Further Education she worked at Hastings College, where she was ESOL lecturer, CertTESOL course tutor and team leader, Advanced Practitioner Lead and ESOL guest lecturer in the PGCE and CertEd.. She has been Director of the Bell Delta Online and has written materials for Cambridge University Press and the Bell Delta Online Modules.  Silvana is a speaker in international conferences and a Quality Assurance inspector, is PGCE and Delta qualified, and holds an MA in Teacher Education with an ESOL subject specialism.