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Creative and Practical ESOL: Midlands Spring Conference 2017, Nottingham

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Creative and Practical ESOL: Midlands Spring Conference 2017, Nottingham

NATECLA Midlands is delighted to announce details of their Midlands Spring Half Day Conference: Creative and Practical ESOL. There are a range of sessions to ensure that there is something to suit everyone!

All ESOL practitioners - from managers and researchers to teachers and trainees - are invited to join us for an innovative programme of practical workshops and networking opportunities.

Block bookings welcome – please contact Jane Arstall info@natecla.org.uk for further details

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Workshop titles:

  • The joy of drilling - Rachael Roberts
  • English spelling is not crazy - Mary Osmaston
  • Creative writing - Richard Goodson
  • Tips for new tutors - Jenny Roden

A resources exhibition will also be available on the day. Exhibitors - find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, 


This exciting programme will focus on keeping ESOL as creative and relevant to learners as possible - something we all know is difficult to achieve in the light of the increasing pressure of exams and other targets. 

13:00 - 13:30 - Registration, coffee and resources exhibition
13:30 - 14:45 - Workshop 1 (choices below)
14:45 - 15:15 - Coffee break and resources exhibition
15:15 - 16:30 - Workshop 2 (choices below)

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Workshop choices - available in both sessions

The joy of drilling
Rachael Roberts

Many people see language drills (repeating language) as dull, patronising and outdated. They can be all of those things. However, done in the right way, they can in fact provide an enjoyable way for students, especially those with low literacy levels, to gain confidence and ultimately develop fluency.  In this workshop we will try out a range of drilling-based activities which require little or no preparation or resources, that are directly relevant to the needs of your students, and that I guarantee you and your students will enjoy!

About Rachael: 

Rachael will be our keynote speaker at our National Conference in July and is one of our most dynamic and popular trainers Since 1989 she has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer in both ELT and ESOL contexts. More recently, she spent ten years at Solihull College, before becoming a tutor on the ESOL Level 5 qualification at Warwick University. Currently Rachael spends most of her time writing teaching materials. She also spends rather too much time on Twitter (@teflerinha) and on her website, www.elt-resourceful.com writing posts on different aspects of materials writing and teaching .

English spelling is not crazy!

Mary Osmaston

There are always some students who struggle with spelling, and sometimes we as teachers struggle to help them. Is it a case of providing plenty of practice and teaching some memory strategies, or do they really need to understand something of how English spelling works? In this workshop you will stretch your own awareness of spelling patterns by trying out some classroom activities, and then look at how you can use these ‘discovery’ methods with your own students at a variety of levels.


About Mary:

Mary Osmaston is an experienced ESOL teacher, teacher trainer and manager. She works at the University of Central Lancashire, coordinating the ESOL and Literacy Level 5 training programmes and observing lots of teachers.  She has a special interest in the observation process and in working with teachers to extend their horizons, knowledge and skills.   Warning:  this session is partly participatory, because you can't teach students to do unless you've done it yourself.  So bring a pen!"

Creative writing
Richard Goodson

In this workshop he will outline WHY Creative Writing should be an essential in the ESOL teacher's toolkit - what the benefits are for the student, and what the potential problems are.  He will also talk participants through a handful of narrative and poetry-related exercises which have worked well with Intermediate students but which could be easily adapted to suit a variety of levels. 


About Richard: 

Rich Goodson has been teaching ESOL at Central College, Nottingham, for the last 20 years and has attempted to integrate Creative Writing into his lessons wherever possible.  He is a published poet and is currently Writer-In-Residence for Writing East Midland's 'Write Here:  Sanctuary' project (for which he leads writing workshops for a refugee women's group).

Tips for new tutors
Jenny Roden, Co-chair of NATECLA and previous ESOL Manager

This workshop is for experienced tutors as well as new tutors. The aim is to produce additional pages for the newly created teaching resources section of the NATECLA website. These will be 'an essential toolbox for every teacher', a 'Frequently asked questions' -page for new tutors and a top 10 'tricks of the trade' page covering methodology.   Do come along to find out more, to share your experience and to produce something of lasting, practical value for our teaching resources section.

About Jenny:

Jenny has forty years of experience in the field of ESOL and ELT as a teacher, manager, teacher trainer and materials writer. She is currently working as a freelance consultant and is co-chair of NATECLA.

She has set up and run courses in Trinity Cert TESOL and the Additional Diploma for Literacy and Numeracy (ADTLLS). She is skilled at tailoring courses to meet the precise requirements of ESOL and ELT students as well as other clients, such as employers, social services, and educational establishments. Training delivered for these clients includes language awareness, embedding English and ESOL into vocational courses and the education and training needs of refugees. 
Jenny has a master’s degree in Educational Studies and has edited the NATECLA journal, ‘Language Issues’. She was a member of the Advisory Group for the British Council ESOL Nexus project. She has written for a number of Macmillan ELT series as well as for NATECLA publications. 

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Thanks to our sponsors for this event:

Main sponsor: Trinity College London

Supporting sponsors: Ascentis and Gateway Qualifications

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  • Date(s): 28 April 2017 to 28 April 2017
  • Time: 13:00 - 16:30
  • Price: £10 - members, £20 - non-members
  • Location: Central Nottingham College
  • Address: Central College Nottingham
    Maid Marian Way

    NG1 6AB
  • Main contact: Jane Arstall
  • Telephone: 07875 683 254
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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