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SESPM ESOL mapping job vacancy

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19 December 2016

NATECLA has been informed by the Home Office that an extra  £360,000 has been allocated to support 12 regional co-ordinators for 6 months to map ESOL provision in the areas where there are Syrian refugees. This is to ensure that provision is adequate for their needs and to support the development of further provision if it isn't. This post is for the South East region. Responses should submit tenders via email by midday Monday 23rd January 2017 to Roy Millard roymillard@secouncils.gov.uk

The strategic migration office in each local area has been invited to bid for the funding and will administer the post. NATECLA would like to see these posts sustained by local authorities after the six months has elapsed, so that the initial work of the co-ordinators can be developed.  
This is an ideal opportunity to establish joined up working at a local level to benefit ESOL learners, especially with the imminent devolution of funding .

South East Strategic Partnership for Migration - job vacancy to map ESOL Provision

Helping the South East Monitor Trends, Address Challenges, Maximise Opportunities and Inform National Policy
Commission: To map and support adult ESOL provision in South East England to increase the region’s effectiveness in providing increased access to language support for resettled Syrian refugees. 
We will consider responses from:
Appropriately experienced independent organisations/consultancies/institutions 
Freelance specialists
Appropriate experienced organisations/consultancies/institutions on a sub-contracted basis
Secondment proposals for an appropriate individual to be based within this Strategic Migration Partnership

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