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The latest edition

Language Issues Volume 27.2 out now – new winter edition

This edition brings articles on a wide range of important topics for ESOL and other language teaching professionals, including a special section on voices from Europe. See below for a selection of titles from this edition.  From 1st March 2017 NATECLA membership will automatically include Language Issues.

Hard copies now available for only £5 per copy or £10 for both editions of volume 27.2 plus normal membership.  Language Issues as a pdf is now included free in all membership categories.  Contact info@natecla.org.uk to order.


Voices on Europe

  • Generation 1.5 in adult literacy classes in the Netherlands,  Jeanne Kurvers and Willemijn Stockmann
  • Discovering “enigmatic” CLIL in Italy – on the way towards Ithaca, Renata Agolli
  • The impact of the CPF training funding policy on public French university, Phil Wade
  • Making sense of Brexit, Dermot Bryers
  • Should we remain silent (one more time with feeling)?, Ian Wollington
  • Voices on Brexit from France and Belgium, Phil Wade and Simon Van Rietvelde
  • Language policies in European countries, Alex Stevenson


  • Towards an ESOL strategy for England – progressive policy making
  • Communication in the contact zone: The TLANG project, James Simpson and Jessica Bradley
  • Developing corpora for vocational ESOL programmes, Diana Tremayne
  • It’s best practice’: SMART targets – evidence or assertion?, Sam Shepherd
  • Using authentic materials for the development of spoken discourse, Simone Calabrich 
  • Promoting creativity in writing with GCSE English, Lisamarie Whalen
  • Poetry it nice feel, Fay Parkin